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Sniper Details

Sniper Outrigger Sailing Canoe
Length.: 6.15 m
Wide: 3.3 m
Sail area:9 m2
Slenderness ratio :1:20
Weight:115 kg
Mast length:6 m
Performance:Broad reach 13 knots in 18 knots wind,10 knots knots up wind
Paddle speed:4-5 knots
Engine:Outboard 5hp 14 knots
Capacity:2 persons
No.of 3 separeted flotation chamber
Stayless free rotating mast ,vertical battens,Dacron 5 Oz Ullman sails
Fiberglass NACA leeboard and folding rudder
Rudder steering pedals for easy paddle
2x1.2 m trampoline
3 water tight plastic enclosere for storage of camping tools
Telescopic tiller
CE Catagory "C"
Fiberglass Polyester hulls

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