Money,power,career can change our life but sailing gives meaning

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Sniper Tandem Outrigger Sailing Canoe 
Nokta Sailing Dinghy 

Sniper unique sailing and paddling performance.13 Knots broad reach,10 knots close hauled in 15-18 wind
                                      Nokta sailing Dingy

          The 1st Sniper with owner                         The 6th Sniper with owner
                                      The 7th Sniper with owner and sailing in Marmaris
                                    The 8th Sniper is ready to go to Ürgüp

The 3th Sniper 
Free rotating mast,easy reefing,vertical ballens,high roach,9 m2 Dacron Ullman sails

                                                 Sniper in "Naviga" magazine

                                           Sniper in "Yelken Dünyası" magazine


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